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A Simple Guide to CBD and Your Pet

Updated: Feb 29

If you have had success using CBD oil, you may have wondered if you can give CBD to your pet as well. The answer is yes, but there are a few things you should know before buying the next CBD Pet Tincture you see.

First, you should always dose your pet according to their body weight. A good rule of thumb is to start with 2mg of CBD for every 10 lbs. of your pet’s weight. For example, my dog Lucy is a 35lbs Golden Retriever, so I would do the following formula: 35lbs/10lbs=3.5x2mg=7mg CBD. To get a good idea of how the CBD is working for your pet we recommend giving them the same dose, two times a day for at least 3 days, giving them about 4-8 hours in between doses. After that you can adjust your pet’s dosage by ½ serving accordingly. A few other things to consider:

  • Speak with your vet about what dosage you plan on starting with

  • Consider using a CBD product formulated for your pet’s specific ailment

  • Avoid CBD with added sugars or artificial sweeteners

  • Avoid rawhide products as they can clog your pet’s intestinal tract

While there is no definitive scientific proof of CBD’s efficacy in treating conditions in pets, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence from pet owners who swear by its ability to relieve a wide range of ailments.

At The Heart of Hemp, we take pride in our specially formulated CBD Pet Tinctures. We offer a “Joint Support Formula” that contains not just full-spectrum CBD oil but also the following homeopathics:

  • Salmon Oil – Rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that support a healthy immune system, heart health, anti-inflammatory properties, healthy skin and coat, and cognitive function.

  • Bromelain – An enzyme found in pineapple that aids in the digestion of high protein diets.

  • Yucca Powder – Used to help with a wide range of ailments.

  • Glucosamine – An amino sugar that plays a vital role in supporting your body.

  • Turmeric – Has strong properties due to a chemical called curcumin. It helps with a few different ailments.

For more information on The Heart of Hemp’s Pet Tinctures or our other CBD products please email or call 505-308-5655.

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