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Our Cereal Milk 2 Gram Live Resin Delta 8 THC + HHC + THC-P Disposable Vape Pen—an expertly crafted hybrid blend for your afternoon indulgence. Our Live Resin extraction process preserves the natural plant compounds, ensuring an authentic and robust experience.


Cereal Milk's unique fusion of Delta-8 THC, HHC, and THC-P offers a balanced and uplifting effect, making it the perfect companion for your afternoon rituals. The sleek disposable vape pen design guarantees a hassle-free experience. Elevate your afternoons with the captivating taste and dynamic effects of Cereal Milk—a hybrid masterpiece designed to enhance your everyday moments.


See Third-Party Testing COA Results Here.


  • 2-Gram Live Resin Delta-8 THC+HHC+THC-P Disposable CCELL Vape Pen - Cereal Milk

  • Live Resin Delta 8 THC (100% Hemp-Derived)

  • Live Resin HHC (100% Hemp-Derived)

  • THC-P (100% Hemp-Derived)

  • Made with Organic & Natural Terpenes

  • Rechargeable Micro-USB

  • Inhale Activated

  • Made in the USA

  • Third-Party Lab-Tested

  • CCELL's Patented Ceramic Heating Core

  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel Center Post

  • No Heavy Metals

  • NO Vitamin E Acetate, VG, PG, MCT, cutting agents, or preservatives of any kind!

2-Gram Live Resin Delta-8 THC+HHC+THC-P Disposable Vape Pen - Cereal Milk

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