CBD Tinctures

Our CBD oil tinctures use simple ingredients, like non-GMO organic hemp-derived CBD, natural MCT oil, natural essential oils and extracts, providing superior support for immunity, inflammation, muscle relief, nausea, and digestive issues. CBD oil tinctures are safe for everyday use with easy-to-use metered droppers for calculating the perfect CBD dosage. CBD oil is fast-acting, convenient, and easy to use!

Hand-Crafted CBD Chocolate Bars

Our meticulously hand-crafted CBD Isolate & Full Spectrum chocolate bars are made with sustainable, single plantation cacao beans from either West Africa or Ecuador. This luxurious bed of rich chocolate is the perfect base for our responsibly sourced all-natural or organic ingredients, leaving you with an unforgettable bite every time.


Our hemp-derived CBD shatter is handcrafted with natural and organically derived terpenes. We NEVER add or use any Vitamin E Acetate, VG, PG, MCT, cutting agents or preservatives of any kind in our Crystal Terps CBD Shatter!

Good Morning Tinctures

Our Good Morning Oil Tincture is made with a 1:1 CBG Isolate to Full Spectrum CBD formula comprised of simple ingredients, including natural MCT oil, non-GMO organic hemp derived Full Spectrum CBD and CBG Isolate, providing you with superior support for immunity, inflammation, muscle relief, nausea, and digestive issues. CBG oil tinctures are recommended for daytime use, as some may experience energizing effects similar to caffeine, but without all the jitters. Evidence from preliminary studies also suggests that CBG may significantly reduce intraocular eye pressure.

CBD Pet Tinctures

Our pet tinctures come in two dosages, 300mg for small to medium size dogs and cats and 600mg for large dogs. They are specially formulated for either Joint Support or for Pain and Anxiety both in Natural Salmon or in Natural Peanut.


Your pet will love the natural salmon taste of our meticulously hand-crafted Full Spectrum Joint Support CBD Pet Tincture. Made with simple all-natural ingredients, including Bromelain, Yucca Powder, Glucosamine, and Turmeric to provide superior support for your pet’s immune system, and relief from inflammation, joint issues, and muscle pain.


You will see the relief your pet will feel after they use our Pain and Anxiety tincture. They will love the natural peanut flavor of our meticulously hand-crafted Full Spectrum Pain and Anxiety CBD Pet Tincture. Made with all-natural ingredients, including Peanut Oil, Valerian Root, Willow Bark, and Chamomile to provide your pet relief from pain and calm from their anxiety.

Hand-Crafted CBD Chocolate Truffles

Indulge in our hand-crafted, small-batch, full-spectrum CBD truffles and satisfy your chocolate cravings while enhancing your well-being. Savor the melt-in-your-mouth centers enrobed in rich chocolate shells. The best creations begin with the best ingredients, like our Organic CBD, derived from the highest quality New Mexico grown and third-party tested hemp. We add farm-fresh organic cream and butter, real fruit purees, and delicately roasted nuts. Our artisan chocolate is sourced from sustainably farmed West African and Ecuadorian cacao. Each delectable truffle has 25mg of CBD benefits and is packaged in an artfully designed box, ready for you to enjoy or give as a gift.

A Classic Assortment – SOLD OUT

4.50 out of 5
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Indulge in hand-crafted, small batch, full-spectrum CBD truffles. Savor the melt in your mouth centers enrobed in rich chocolate shells.  A Classic Assortment of 25mg of Full Spectrum CBD Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate & Raspberry, Milk Chocolate & Sea Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate & Chimayó  Chile Truffles. Each delectable truffle has 25mg of CBD benefits and is packaged in an artfully designed box, ready for you to enjoy or give as a gift.



More Info

  • INGREDIENTS: : HAZELNUT: Dark Chocolate (Cocoa Mass, Cane Sugar, Vanilla, Soy Lecithin), Roasted Organic Hazelnuts, Confectioner’s Sugar, Full-Spectrum CBD Oil; CHILE: Dark Chocolate (Cocoa Mass, Cane Sugar, Vanilla, Soy Lecithin), Heavy Cream, Chimayó Red Chile, Sea Salt, Full-Spectrum CBD Oil; SEA SALT CARAMEL: Milk Chocolate (Cocoa mass, Milk Powder, Cane Sugar, Vanilla, Soy Lecithin), Cane Sugar, Heavy Cream, Glucose Syrup, Butter, Sea Salt, Cocoa Butter, Full-Spectrum CBD Oil; RASPBERRY: Dark Chocolate (Cocoa Mass, Cane Sugar, Vanilla, Soy Lecithin), Heavy Cream, Organic Raspberry Puree, Full-Spectrum CBD Oil.
  • SIZE: NET WT 1.7 OZ (48 G)
  • AVAILABLE DOSAGES: 100mg Full Spectrum CBD (25mg Full Spectrum CBD Per Truffle)

How To Use

Our 100mg Full-Spectrum CBD chocolate truffles boxes are conveniently dosed and come with (4) four CBD Truffles per box, allowing 25mg of full-spectrum CBD to be taken in quick, discreet, and accurate measurements.

The average dosage of CBD is 30-60 MG daily. Adjust dose as needed, individual results may vary

For best results, it is recommended that you start with 25 MG of CBD, wait 2-4 hours, and increase as necessary to achieve the desired effects.

Get Inspired

While simply eating a chocolate truffle is the easiest method of delivery, CBD is an extremely versatile ingredient, meaning one of the great things  you can do is incorporate CBD chocolate truffles into your favorite drinks, and even desserts. For instance:

  • Add a Hazelnut or a Raspberry CBD chocolate truffle to your favorite hot coffee for a rich and tasty treat that helps balance the caffeine in your morning cup.
  • Spruce up your ordinary hot chocolate by adding a Salted Caramel Truffle or Spice it up with a Chimayó red chile Truffle for a truly uniquely satisfying experience.
  • Chill and then carefully chop CBD truffles into small pieces to incorporate into your favorite brownie or cookie mix.
  • Add 1/2 of a CBD truffle into the center of your favorite cupcake or muffin recipe, for a truly delectable treat!

That’s just to get you inspired. Keep up with our blog and our social media posts for more recipe ideas!

2 reviews for A Classic Assortment – SOLD OUT

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  • Avatar

    Leslie Frierson

    These truffles really are one of the best CBD chocolates I have tried. The sea salted caramel truffle was so creamy and perfectly salted and the full spectrum cbd really had me in a nice vibe after a couple hours. I only wish there were more truffles!

    February 15, 2021
  • Avatar

    Kaitlyn Bowers

    Great truffles and flavors! Leaving 4 stars because I don’t like red chile lol

    February 10, 2021

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